As part of the World Premiere performance of The Great War Symphony in October, we are ‘beaming’ in choirs from around the country to represent Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

So, last week the team had a whistle-stop tour of the British Isles, recording with the Cross Border Youth Choir in the the beautiful Killiney (just outside Dublin), then on to Bangor Cathedral in Wales to film the Kana Choir and finally to Edinburgh to work with the National Youth Choir of Scotland!

Thanks go to all the choirs and their MDs – they were all fantastic and a joy to work with and you’ll be able to see and hear the results on 9th October in the Royal Albert Hall.  Buy tickets here. 

Cross Border Youth Choir (made up of singers from the Dublin Youth Choir and Belfast Philharmonic Chamber Choir), Killiney, Ireland.









Kana Choir, Bangor Cathedral, Wales.








National Youth Choir of Scotland, Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, Scotland.