Echo (from The Call)

Duration: 4 minutes Soloist(s): Soprano Instrumentation: Piano OR Harp OR String Quartet Published by: Hawes Music The

Echo (from The Call)2017-10-05T14:13:18+00:00

Piano Impromptu

Duration: 4 minutes Instrumentation: Piano Published by: Hawes Music Purchase Sheet Music

Piano Impromptu2017-10-05T13:49:18+00:00

Millenium Psalms

The Passion Pilgrimmage Duration: 8 minutes Soloist: Tenor Chorus: SATB unaccompanied Published by: Hawes Music These two

Millenium Psalms2019-01-29T16:16:23+00:00

Sarabande and Allegro

Duration: 10 minutes Instrumentation: Oboe & Harp Published: Hawes Music Purchase Sheet Music

Sarabande and Allegro2017-10-05T13:43:02+00:00

St George and the Dragon

Duration: 8 minutes Instrumentation: Harp ensemble (min. four harps - fourth harp optional lever harp) Published: Hawes Music

St George and the Dragon2018-04-24T07:58:47+00:00