Patrick’s eleventh album The Nativity will be released on 13th October.

The album was recorded in January with the excellent Voce Chamber Choir in Connecticut, USA and is released on the Signum Classics label.  It features the premiere recording of twenty Christmas pieces, nearly all them written specially for this album, including two new collections: The Nativity inspired by six beautiful new texts depicting the Christmas story and Four Christmas Motets which set four ancient latin texts to wonderful effect.  

The album goes on to explore the Christmas story through various texts, old and new, in works that are set to become extremely popular with choirs around the world.

Patrick says “Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and it has been a joy to set such inspiring and dramatic words to music.  The variety of texts – from ancient to modern – are all so relevant for today because they speak of eternal truths and the mystery of the Christmas story.  I am thrilled with how Voce and their director Mark Singleton have brought a freshness of approach and musical excellence to their interpretation of this exciting project.”

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Track Listing:

1. What Child Is This? (3.36)
2. In Bethlehem, That Noble Place (2.42)
3. This Endernight (2.59)

The Nativity
4. The Manger (3.08)
5. The Infant (2.17)
6. The Oxen (3.55)
7. The Shepherds (2.56)
8. The Star (3.22)
9. The Magi (3.26)

10. Joseph’s Carol (3.25)
11. Still, Still the Night (3.40)
12. Behold The King (4.37)

Four Christmas Motets
13. Virga Jesse (3.43)
14. Puer Natus (2.00)
15. Nesciens Mater (3.32)
16. Gaudete Omnes (1.55)

17. The Heart of Mary (3.09)
18. Minstrels (2.57)
19. Lullay My Liking (3.02)
20. The Colours of Christmas (2.50)

(Total duration: 63.22)