In January, I had the pleasure of working through some Christmas pieces I’d written with the wonderful Voce chamber choir in Connecticut, USA.  The pandemic meant we had to amend our recording plans, but as soon as we’re able it will be great for us all to be together again.

In the meantime, Voce have produced this great holiday video using The Shepherds, a new work I’ve written using fantastic words by my brother.  Hope you enjoy it!

Another night upon the hill.
Nothing stirs the world is still.
Shepherds a tedious vigil keep:
Somnolent men guard sleeping sheep.

Gloria! Gloria!
Veritas de terra orta est.*

Light splits the sky and opens wide
The hidden mystery beyond all sight.
The shepherds shocked and tearful shake,
The fearful flock about them wake.

Descending from eternal heights
A choir bedecked in golden light
Surround the flock, the men, the hill.
Heaven lies open.Time stands still.

Out of silence song is born:
‘Wake up! Wake up! A day is dawned!
Glory to God, Father of Light!*
The Prince of Peace is born this night!’

‘Stand up! Stand up! Make your way!
This is the dawn of endless day!
God’s Son true Light from Light is born
Soon death’s darkness shall be torn!’

Down in the town below the hill
Nothing stirs the world is still;
Joseph his loving vigil keeps
Mother and the child are sound asleep.

* Epistle of James 1:17
‘Truth shall flourish out of the earth’

Words: Andrew Hawes (1954 –   )