Patrick was thrilled, in Autumn of last year, to be commissioned by The King’s Singers to write a new piece for them.   The World Premiere of Musica Dei Donum will take place at the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice on 24th January.

The piece sets the ancient Latin words and a version in English is set to follow later in the year.
Musica Dei donum optimi
trahit homines, trahit deos:
Musica truces mollit animos
tristesque mentes erigit.
Musica vel ipsas arbores
et horridas movet feras
cunctisque solatia prestans.

Music, the gift of the supreme God,
draws men, draws gods;
music makes savage souls gentle
and uplifts sad minds;
music moves the trees themselves
and wild beasts,
affording solace to all.