• Duration: 5 minutes
  • Chorus: SATB
  • Instrumentation: Organ
  • Published by: Hawes Music

Originally written for Russell Burton and the Charterhouse Chapel Choir.

The organ in Behold the King enhances the unbridled sense of majesty and victory through its colourful registrations and insistent rhythmic patterns.  The words, by Patrick’s brother Andrew, and music combine to make a piece that is perfect for Christmas or the Feast of Christ the King.

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Behold The King!
Bidden by a king,
borne on an ass by a young virgin.
Born a King, His Kingdom to bring.

Behold The King!
His court a stable in an inn
wakeful animals His praises sing.
Born a King, His peace to bring.

Behold The King!
Enthroned in straw
who frightened shepherds first adored.
Born a King, new hope to bring.

Behold The King!
His mother a Queen
robed in grace – full poverty.
Born a King, Love to bring.

Behold our King
and God and sing,
of His majestic emptying!
Born with nothing His kingdom to bring.

Words: Andrew Hawes (1954 –   )