“Revelation … shows how inventive [Hawes] can be with harmony.”

“There is no denying the beauty and immediate allure of Hawes’s writing.”

Patrick’s most recent album featuring twenty-two new choral works

I am so grateful to Noel Edison and the Elora Singers who, through their musical expertise and commitment to my musical style, have brought these works alive.
Patrick Hawes, August 2016.


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The Book of Revelation lends itself perfectly to musical interpretation – the dramatic imagery alternating between darkness and light, judgement and salvation, and the gentle lamb against a backdrop of apocalyptic thunder, lightning and demons are full of inspiration to the artist.  The texts used mirror the structure in the Bible; a Prologue and Epilogue form outer pillars between which seven pieces (a significant number in Revelation) depict some of the main scenes in St John’s prophecy.

The Beatitudes, of course, are much more gentle but no less powerful, and Christ’s words of comfort form the perfect partner to the Revelation text.  The recurrence of the word ‘blessed’ makes for a unified collection of pieces – closely linked but each with its own character.

Together with the standalone pieces on this recording, they offer a new way of exploring key sentences from the New Testament and a means of refreshing the soul.

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Revelation – Album Sampler

The Inspiration Behind Revelation

Beatitudes – Album Sampler

Track Listing

1. Prologue: This Prophecy (2.14)
2. Coming with the Clouds (3.31)
3. From the Throne (3.07)
4. Worthy is the Lamb (2.41)
5. A Great and Wondrous Sign (2.45)
6. Fallen is Babylon the Great (2.50)
7. Hallelujah (The Marriage of the Lamb) (3.28)
8. I Saw a New Heaven (2.42)
9. Epilogue: The Alpha and the Omega (2.43)

10. The Poor in Spirit (2.29)
11. Those Who Mourn (2.08)
12. The Meek (2.20)
13. Those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness (2.59)
14. The Merciful (3.17)
15. The Pure in Heart (2.34)
16. The Peacemakers (2.37)
17. Those who are Persecuted for Righteousness’ Sake (3.17)

18. The Word (3.06)
19. Peace Beyond Thought (1.50)
20. Let Us Love (3.23)
21. The Lord’s Prayer (from The Edenham Eucharist) (1.20)
22. Be Still (2.14)
23. Quanta Qualia (4.25)

[Total duration: 64.00]