Highgrove Suite

Commissioned by HRH Prince Charles, this unique and exclusive recording, performed by Royal Harpist Claire Jones with the Philharmonia Orchestra, features Patrick’s four-movement work inspired by the Prince’s gardens at Highgrove.

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The Highgrove Suite began as a one-movement piece entitled Goddess Of The Woods and received its premiere at Covent Garden on the occasion of The Prince Of Wales’ sixtieth birthday in November 2008.  Three further movements were commissioned, each inspired by a different area of the gardens at Highgrove.  The suite was first performed by the Royal Harpist Claire Jones and the Philharmonia conducted by Patrick in June 2010 at Highgrove in the presence of TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall and invited guests.

This recording of the suite, performed by Royal Harpist Claire Jones with the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Patrick, was made the day immediately after the premiere.  The album also features Patrick conducting Parry’s Lady Radnor suite – which was performed at Highgrove – along with a selection of other pieces for harp.


Highgrove Suite (Patrick Hawes)
1. Goddess of the Woods (7.17)
2. The Wildflower Meadow (5.49)
3. Sanctuary (7.23)
4. The Gladiator (7.54)

Lady Radnor’s Suite (Hubert Parry)
5. Prelude (2.43)
6. Allemande (2.41)
7. Sarabande (2.44)
8. Bouree (2.47)
9. Slow Minuet (2.12)
10. Gigue (2.10)

Sonata No. 1 (John Parry)
11. Allegro (2.42)
12. Andante (3.49)
13. Gavotte (2.29)

Sante Fe Suite (William Mathias)
14. Landscape (2.57)
15. Nocturne (4.43)
16. Sun Dance (3.36)

Release date: 27 September 2010

Patrick Hawes composer & conductor

Philharmonia Orchestra orchestra
Claire Jones harpist

Alexander Van Ingen producer
Andrew Mellor recording engineer & mixer

Classic FM record label

Recorded at the Henry Wood Hall, London (UK), June 2010


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