• Duration: 4 minutes
  • Chorus: SATB unaccompanied
  • Published by: Hawes Music

Performed by The Self-Isolation Choir in their online concert, Christmas 2020.

During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, many singers were in self-isolation, regular choir rehearsals and concerts had been postponed or cancelled.  The Self-Isolation Choir was created by a superb team to bring together – virtually – thousands of singers from around the world.

As part of the choir’s Virtual Summer School series, the choir chose to perform Patrick’s Quanta Qualia.  Patrick created a series of videos talking singers through their part for Quanta Qualia helping each singer to master their part.

Following on from the success of that performance, Patrick decided to write the choir a new work to premiere as part of their Christmas 2020 concert.  Still, Still The Night sets new words by Patrick’s librettist brother Andrew.  The carol is imbued with both a sense of longing and the hope that a healing light may be born to comfort mankind.  It wonderfully draws together the familiar Nativity story and, with the pandemic still very much present, a hope for better things to come.

To be premiered as a Virtual Performance by The Self-Isolation Choir, under the musical direction of Ben England, December 2020.

The Publishers – Hawes Music – in association with The Self-Isolation Choir is proud to be donating half of all the proceeds from sales of the vocal score to Help Musicians, the charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement.

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Still, still the night.
Black, black the sky.
A star is rising bright and sheds a healing light:
O lux aeterna natus est.

Slow, slow it dawns;
Soft, soft the sound.
The star is singing high and clear this melody:
O lux aeterna natus est.

Light, light as fire,
Falls, falls like sparks,
This melody and harmony is burning hearts:
O lux aeterna natus est.

Shine! Shine! O Light!
Sing! Sing! O star!
Humility and tenderness is in your gift –
O lux aeterna natus est.

Lift! Lift your voice!
Seek! Seek this light!
Nativity in simplicity transfigures all –
O lux aeterna natus est.

Words: Andrew Hawes (1958 –  )