• Duration: 5 minutes
  • Chorus: SSAA
  • Instrumentation: Organ
  • Published by: Hawes Music

A bright, festive arrangement of the well-known Dutch carol written for the girls of the Charterhouse Choir.

Each verse provides variation and contrast with the intricate, playful organ underpinning the soprano and alto textures.

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King Jesus hath a garden, full of divers flowers,
Where I go culling posies gay, all times and hours.

There naught is heard but Paradise bird,
Harp, dulcimer, lute,
With cymbal, trump and tymbal,
And the tender, soothing flute.

The Lily, white in blossom there, is Chastity:
The Violet, with sweet perfume, Humanity. Refrain

The bonny Damask-rose is known as Patience:
The blithe and thrifty Marygold, Obedience. Refrain

The Crown Imperial bloometh too in yonder place,
‘Tis Charity, of stock divine, the flower of grace. Refrain

Yet, ‘mid the brave, the bravest prize of all may claim
The Star of Bethlem-Jesus-bless’d be his Name! Refrain

Ah! Jesu Lord, my heal and weal, my bliss complete,
Make thou my heart thy garden-plot, fair, trim and neat. Refrain

Words from Heer Jesus heeft een Hofken, 
Traditional Dutch from Geestlijcke Harmonie, Emmerich, 1633
Translation by Rev. George R. Woodward (1848-1934)