• Duration: 5 minutes
  • Chorus: SATB
  • Instrumentation: Organ
  • Published by: Novello

Written for Russell Burton and the Charterhouse Chapel Choir.

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Behold The King!
Bidden by a king,
borne on an ass by a young virgin.
Born a King, His Kingdom to bring.

Behold The King!
His court a stable in an inn
wakeful animals His praises sing.
Born a King, His peace to bring.

Behold The King!
Enthroned in straw
who frightened shepherds first adored.
Born a King, new hope to bring.

Behold The King!
His mother a Queen
robed in grace – full poverty.
Born a King, Love to bring.

Behold our King
and God and sing,
of His majestic emptying!
Born with nothing His kingdom to bring.

Words: Andrew Hawes (1954 –   )